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Bamboo Bathroom Cabinet And Maintenance Methods
Oct 20, 2016

1. bathroom Cabinet legs moisture

Now many people in the decoration, choose bathroom cabinets with metal legs, recommend that you use an aluminum Cabinet legs, aluminum legs "bones" strong, in the basin of the "pressure" before fear, rust-proof characteristics ensure that the legs do not rust when exposed to water.

Bathroom features a rich, goods storage required is also increasing, bathroom Cabinet is the essential object of the space, it can help to classify storage, easily solve life's little problems. But how do you keep the bathroom Cabinet blocks moisture, and extend the life of bathroom cabinets?

2. bathroom Cabinet how to waterproof

Wooden bathroom cabinets absorb water easily, so it has very stringent requirements on the environment, and family bathroom is generally only a few square meters of space, not easy to do wet and dry area. When choosing bathroom cabinets, fire Board, wear plates, composite plate as counter materials such as polymers, which not only has a good resistance to moisture, can simulate the color of wood.

Cabinet body and door contacts, installed collision avoidance function of rubber, the impact can be very good buffer, simply found a small, easily eliminates the noise of closing, water was also shut out. Multifunction anti-collision rubber wrapped the edges of the plate, fully blocking the invasion of moisture.

3. bathroom Cabinet hardware fittings maintenance

Metal connector includes Rails, hinges and other parts, although only some small parts, but bear the responsibility of bathroom cabinets open and close. Ordinary metal connector enervated, slightly corrosive rust can lead to doors, drawers will not open or not shut, and affect the life of bathroom cabinets.

4. Bathroom Cabinets Vanities maintenance

Wash basin directly attached to the Cabinet of the bathroom Cabinet is the most common, used frequency is high. Basin Road will cross the floor outlet pipe into the ground and condensation of water in the basin is also quietly from the plate by taking advantage of the cutting edge into the Cabinet floor, bathroom Cabinet floor damp deformation. As long as the end of pipe installed at the outlet at the bottom in the pool water leak, can extend the service life of the Cabinet.