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Eco-friendly Bamboo Curtain
Jan 02, 2018

Originally, bamboo is accustomed to cluster. For bamboo,growing alone will induce the sense of loneliness and cause sighs of human life of dolefulness. To strung the bamboo chopsticks in series into a curtain, making a bamboo curtain. Such a bamboo curtain will bring people a sense of quiet and pleasant, simple and elegant when it is hanging over a window.

Literati have special feelings in bamboo. Juyi Bai have compared bamboo to the wise man in his works, "solid", "straight", "modesty", "loyal and steadfas". Bamboo forest landscape is indispensable in south chinese garden. Therefore, the material of this curtain must be bamboo. 

The bamboo curtain is simple and refined, vivid and harmonious. The eco-friendly bamboo curtain creates a deep sense of dynamic and static transformation between pulling it up and dropping it off. The bamboo curtain is put down slowly, filtering out the sharp sunlight and leaving the light of chaos. Sunshine go through the gap of bamboo, becoming pieces of broken gold sprinkling the whole room. When the breeze swept over the window, the delicate fragrance of bamboo is gracing.

Bamboo curtains are pefect for balcony, restaurant, study, living room, Chazhuang, hotels, guesthouses, offices and other places. They are more than strong and durable, not easy to deformation and environmental.