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Why To Choose Bamboo Sleeping Mat
Feb 12, 2018

When it comes to bamboo sleeping mat, most of people will think of Summer immediately.

The advantages of bamboo sleeping mat:

1. Warm in winter and cool in summer; breathable and moisture-retentive

The bamboo fiber in the bamboo mat has a strong water absorption. The strength of it is three times than the cotton. The cross-section is covered with oval-shaped pores, making good hygroscopicity and breathability. It is very cool to use in summer, and can also exclude excess body heat and moisture when used in winter and spring.

2. Soft and warm, comfortable and pleasant

With its delicate and soft fiber, and its seductive color, the bamboo sleeping mat has good toughness and abrasion resistance. It is very soft and has a unique sense of velvet.

3. Be antibacterial

Compared to bacteria reproducing in cotton and wood fiber products, most of the bacteria on bamboo fiber products can be killed after 24 hours. 

4, Eco-friendly and anti-UV

Bamboo mat is produced in the original bamboo, so it is green materials which is able to effectively block the ultraviolet radiation on the human body. The cotton goods is far inferior to the bamboo mat.