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Application Of Bamboo Tableware
Oct 20, 2016

Domestic of kitchen bamboo wood products special focused on consumers of life details, in details Shang as meet consumers of consumption habits, reduced has food making of complex process, simplified to a key 0K type. wood business tableware all using of is imports of rubber wood and black walnut, wood quality delicate, structure beautiful, according to wood business of natural texture, modulation out beautiful of graphics structure, appliances styling strange. More bamboo tableware products, are: Cheng Ju, cutting boards, bowls, glass bottom tool box, chopsticks and other series. In addition, also unique in shape, in addition to the usual square, round, heart-shaped, cylindrical external, there are special foreign circles, gourd-shaped, ships, fish-shaped non-rules, such as appliances, exquisite and collectible, sweeping away the monotony of ordinary kitchen utensils in the traditional sense. Bamboo and wooden kitchenware reflects comfort and care in the kitchen, compared with raw glass and drab plastic products, stable and elegant bamboo wood is very kind. Compared with ceramic tableware, glass, plastics, bamboo and wood products table has a very distinct advantages: heat insulation, hot-proof, durable.