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Bamboo Furniture Popular Low Carbon Highlights
Oct 20, 2016

Since ancient times, the main material was wood furniture. It is well known that tree growth cycle is long, made of solid wood furniture prices are generally higher than those of other furniture. Fukaisheng, the "timber trees take at least 10 years ' time, belongs to the tree and bamboo plants, natural environment better, multiply rapidly so amazing that it would be a good substitute." Pay also told reporters that "we will use are more than 5 years of bamboo furniture made of raw materials, a year or two of bamboo furniture has some quality issues. Due to bamboo of processing way is will bamboo peeled Hou cutting into rules of bamboo article, after Shang rubber high pressure suppressed and into criss-cross of plate, absolute not cracking, and deformation, and open of; common of bamboo chair, and bamboo bed, and bamboo Cabinet, and bamboo sofa,, daily in the wood made of furniture, are incarnation for bamboo business of alternative products, bamboo furniture will became people side low carbon environmental of consumer ".