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Bamboo Furniture Has The Following Characteristics
Oct 20, 2016

1 environmentally, bamboo furniture, bamboo 3-4 to become useful, and also regeneration after harvesting, environmental degradation, natural forest stock is very low in China is a kind of high quality wood instead of information. Bonding is the use of special rubber bamboo, avoiding the damage of formaldehyde to human body. 

2, the processed bamboo stick of bamboo original natural lines, to the manufacture of furniture of bamboo roots, giving a simple and elegant feel. 

3, bamboo furniture, warm in winter and cool in summer, good for your health. Due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture absorption, heat-absorbing features than other wood, it sat in the hot summer, cool sweat; in winter to keep warm. Query appears, bamboo House can create a common environment characteristics of layout, bamboo materials to regulate indoor climate on the livelihood of human biological conditioning and mind conditioning, a longevity effect.